Welcome to Envision Cyclery!

At Envision Cyclery we specialize in offering unique custom builds, custom fittings & repairs.  We take pride in offering all customers exceptional service and one-on-one attention! 

Envision Cyclery is happy to help our customers in any way possible.  Whether it be helping to maintain your bike with a simple tune-up, updating your bike’s component package, instruction to improve your riding skills or simply discussing questions you may have about cycling in general.  We work hard to make sure Envision Cyclery is the place for all your cycling needs.

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What makes Envision Cyclery unique?

Envision Cyclery may sound like any other local bike shop, but where Envision is different is that we are not a brick & mortar storefront.  How is this an advantage?  By focusing on QUALITY rather than quantity, Envision is capable of offering the customer a level of service that cannot be met by other local bike shops.  Envision’s services are truly tailored to each and every customer.

  1. Bullet    One-on-one, customer-friendly service

  2. Bullet    Competitive pricing

  3. Bullet    Flexible hours

  4. Bullet    Free estimates and advice

  5. Bullet    In-home service calls available (additional service fees may apply)

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Custom is what Envision is all about!

Envision Cyclery is one of the few bike shops nationally that offer a true CUSTOM BUILD PROGRAM.

We believe that everyone should be able to ride the bike of their dreams and we love helping people piece together their ultimate dream machine.  With frames and components available from any and all manufacturers, we are able to create the perfect bike for you, all while maintaining your target budget.  Once your bike is built and custom-fit, just add a helmet and you’re ready to ride and experience the difference a custom bike, built around YOU, can offer. 

So what are you waiting for?  Let Envision Cyclery help you design and build the bike of your dreams!